What is intimacy to a man?

What does intimacy mean to a man?

Ladies, I’ll tell you a secret. Men are simple.

What is intimacy to a man?

Intimacy means SEX  to a man.

Men Need Sex.

They love it. They mean it when they are talking about Intimacy with you. That you both need to be closer to each other.

Steve Harvey calls Sex a ‘Cookie” in his brilliant book “Act like a Lady think like a Men”:

Ain’t nothin’ on this planet like it, nothing else we want that bad on a continuous basis,

nothing else we simply cannot live without.

Take our house, take our job, the ’69 Impala, our last pair of gators, but please—puh-leeze—

don’t hold out on The Cookie.

Men don’t care about anything else; Men need ‘The Cookie’.


Man needs to be physically engaged to the woman he loves, the woman who is loyal to him, supports him, and the way that man does that is by physical intimacy making love.

What is intimacy to a man: a physical connection

Please understand: that the way men connect with women is by having sex (physical intimacy). It’s how they plug in, recharge, and reconnect.

Ask any guy if physical intimacy is important in a relationship and the one who says no is lying or having serious intimacy issues.

But what about the rest of the men?

Men need sex more than air. Men need physical intimacy.

What is emotional intimacy to men?

Emotions—talking, cuddling, holding hands, and bonding, that’s your thing, Ladies. Man will do these things because he knows this is important to you.

And can’t one of them survive without sex.

Oh, he’ll work with you if you have an off week—if he loves you, that is. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t bother to try to get your cookie—he’d just go on and get it from somewhere else.

But if he’s into you, and you’re cutting back, rationing it out, you’re not doing what you did when you all first started dating, he’s going to line up someone who will.

Please believe me when I tell you this: he will tell everybody, “This is my girl right here,” but meanwhile, he will have another woman lined up and waiting to give him what he needs and wants—physical intimacy – ‘The Cookie’.

You might have been up all night for a week with a sick child, gotten up early to get the other onto the school bus before you hit the road for that rush-hour commute to work.

Or go to battle with your co-workers and boss for eight hours with nothing, but a fifteen-minute break to swallow an inadequate, unsatisfying lunch, and then hit the rush-hour traffic back home to start your second job—the feeding and care of your kids.

There’s dinner to be cooked, homework to be checked, laundry to be done, and the list goes on.


By the time your man checks in with you, the last thing on your mind is giving a positive response to what a friend of mine called “the shoulder tap.”

“You know what I’m talking about,” she said.

“It’s when you finally drop into the bed exhausted, and you’re halfway through your favorite show you watch when you just want to zone out, and here he comes, tapping you on your shoulder, asking for sex. It’s just annoying.”

What that same friend of mine didn’t know, though, was that her husband was tired of the “shoulder tap,” too. In his mind, he’d also worked all day—just as hard as her. And though he may not have done all the exact things she’d done during the course of the evening at home, he, too, put in work around the house, and, like her, needed to wind down from his day. She liked watching television. He liked to have sex. She was always too tired to have sex. He was tired of not having sex. So while she unwound to her favorite shows, he unwound out of the house—with another woman.

-Steve Harvey


Now, I’m not saying what he did was right, but we try to understand the logic behind what he eventually ended up doing.

Advice for a hard day

If you had a hard day, you could ask for help around the house to make the evenings go more smoothly.

If you cook, your man could do the dishes.

If you get the kids’ clothes ready for tomorrow, he gets their homework ready for tomorrow.

If you get the kids off to bed, he gets you off in bed by setting the mood—straightening up, running her a bath, letting you settle in with a glass of wine, whatever it takes to make it clear to you.

But understand, that no man is going to wine and dine you every night in order to have physical intimacy with you.

Sometimes, he’s just going to want to have you, no-frills— without being forced to feel like he’s added another “chore” to your list of things to do.

Every man needs that from his woman.


You can shop for him, cook dinner every night, and make sure that his favorite peanut butter is in the cabinet to show him that you’re paying attention and you care about emotional intimacy.


How to get sensation back: woman’s guide

How to build emotional intimacy with a man

We, women, are complicated creatures.

We need emotional intimacy.

Lots of it.

And you expect your man to provide it, even if you haven’t explained what it is you need and want, or even if what you needed and wanted five minutes ago is wholly different from what you need and want now.

You need to understand what is intimacy to a man.

Men’s emotions and intimacy are wholly different from a woman’s.

A woman’s love is emotional, nurturing, heartfelt—sweet and kind, and all-encompassing.

For men, emotional intimacy begins with loyalty

He wants you to keep your loyalty to him.

It means, whatever happens, you’ll be by his side.

For example, if he gets laid off, he knows you’re going to stay, even if he’s not drawing a paycheck.

You get around your girlfriends, you’re going to say with great enthusiasm, “That’s my man. I’m loyal to him.”


All he wants, really, is to hear you say, “Baby, how was your day? Baby, Thanks for doing everything for us. This family needs you, wants you, and is happy to have you.”


Men must feel like kings, even if they are not regal

Believe me, the more you make your man feel special, the more he gives in back.

He will try his best.

Man cannot survive without these things

What a man really needs from you when his day goes bad is those three things: support, loyalty, and physical intimacy.

Give him that when he comes home, and he’ll go back out there and fight this war for you.

The moment a woman isn’t doing those three things for her man, I can promise you he’ll get somebody who will.

You may not like what I’m saying, but ask any man about these words and whether they’re true, and that man will tell you this one simple thing: it’s true.

Support. Loyalty. Physical Intimacy.

If you supply these three things, you’ll have on your hands a man who will do anything you need and want him to do for you—pure and simple.


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