About me

A little bit about me-

My name is  Coquette.

I’m just an ordinary woman from a small unknown place who follows the American Dream. I’m divorced and got three boys. 

And I suppose now you call me a single mother, even though that label still catches me off guard.

I’m forty-seven years old, although I seem 37-still-hot-chick or prefer to claim that I am.

For most of my life, I have faced a variety of challenges and made a lot of mistakes. 

The divorce happened.

It affected my self-esteem in every possible way, it affected my health. I was depressed fat NOTHING.

 I can’t describe how angry I felt with myself for being trapped in this cycle for so long. Same old patterns – money problems, sleeping issues, courts, attorneys,  binging, denial, avoiding the scales, etc., etc.

Clearly, I was too stubborn or stupid or just blind to really stop and think about WHY things felt so hard going,

 I would have to leave all behind and start over again from scratch.  

And I decided to share my stories with you.

Because I feel I have learned so much through this experience.

If telling about some of my personal horrors and sucks can be useful for others, then I am game. 

Thanks to my strict strong mathematical background, I really like to analyze and think about how the world works and what is going on around me.

What you need to know -Coquette is my nickname, some sort of pen name for a writer, sorry, for a blog newbie. 

In my real life, I got a little army of haters (thanks to my Ex) and there are people who can use what I write against me.  Therefore, I don’t really want to reveal my identity now. 

 All my articles are devoted to specific small problems that women have to face every day and that worries me right now.

I started my blog completely recently and I try to do it sincerely with a sort of humor and be useful to you or at least make you smile.

 If you truly want to thank me for my work, you can buy me a cup of coffee.

No, you don’t just do it. 

But I would be very happy to read a comment from you  (a couple of nice words- this will be really exciting)

Also, I try not to overwhelm my blog with ads. 

 All my advertising links are based only on personal recommendations and to companies that supply high-quality products and services,  making this world a better place.

Good to see you here.


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