What do men like sexually

While the man’s heart path is through his stomach, the way to a man’s soul is through his penis.

That is the message I want to send to you, Ladies.

Every woman should be a penis expert, a walking encyclopedia of penis knowledge, and a veritable wizard at enhancing penis power.

Help your man become a superhero in the bed.

Learn everything you can about the penis: how it works, why it works, when it works, and where it works.

Find out what his penis needs, what it likes, what excites it, and what makes it “get up and go.”

So, what do men like sexually? – Treat his penis, and he’ll take care of you.

Those women who learn to enhance the power of the man’s penis in their lives bring happiness to relationships.

I say this without hesitation, knowing full well that some of you will think it sounds retrograde or sexist.

I assure you my message is neither.

I am a strong supporter of equality in all aspects of life: at home, at work, and especially in the bedroom.

I openly advocate for women to realize themselves in all possible ways.

I would never suggest that women should become sex slaves, bimbos, or sluts.

I am not advocating that women should be subservient or submit to any form of abuse or degradation.

What I am doing is advising you to make your man’s sexual satisfaction a high priority for your own selfish reasons.

Make him happy, and he will make you happy

Give to him, and you are more likely to get what you want from him.

It is a simple fact of life and a basic principle of human interaction: we do things to please other people because we want them to treat us well.

The Golden Rule is never more powerful than when applied to the penis: “Do unto him as you wish he does unto you.”

Obviously, the give-and-take nature of sexual relationships works both ways.

What do men like sexually in bed?

Hundreds of women search on Google for what they can do to enhance their partner’s penis power.

They might not use those exact words.

They might stammer a little bit.

They might beat around the bush and conjure up every euphemism they can think of, but they always want to know the secrets to improve their man’s sexuality.

This is not, I must add because they are overcome by selfless generosity, but because they are interested in their own satisfaction.

I have never met a woman who did not want a superpotent man because I have never met a woman who did not want to be satisfied herself.

Sex Begins with Communication

Communication is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

For this reason, I am sure that marriage counselors and sex therapists hear the same thing all the time from couples who are having relationship problems.

The importance of communication, particularly in the bed, cannot be overstated.

Ladies, if the man in your life does not openly let you know what he likes sexually, then there are essentially three things you can do:

  • forget about it
  • experiment
  • straight out to ask him what he likes

I do not recommend the first alternative because any type of sexual ignorance between you and your partner will only have harmful effects on your sex life.

The “forget about it” point of view eventually leads to frustration, resentment, and anxiety associated with sex.

Learning what turns your partner on and delivering it as best you can is the most effective way to improve his male power.

You can experiment by trying different strategies to see what does and does not work.

If your man is not the expressive type, then the answers might not be so obvious.

That is why it is important to explore and experiment to your heart’s content, which will invariably add to the variety of your experience and help you to learn your partner’s tastes.

Strongly recommend that you talk to him specifically about his needs, his desires, and even his fantasies. By asking him what he likes, you will be letting him know that you care about his happiness and that you want to satisfy him in every way you can.

Some men are uncomfortable with candid sex talk.

If that is the case, be patient. Get whatever information you can and wait for the next opportunity to get more information. You might also use a book or magazine article as a starting point: “I read that some men like…”

You can also learn a lot while making love.

There is nothing wrong with asking, “Do you like this?” or “Would you like me to…?” or “Was that good?”

He only has to grunt a response, and you will gather important information about his likes and dislikes.

Remember, communication is a two-way street. You want to make sure he understands your likes and dislikes.

You cannot expect him to read your mind, so talk to him openly.

Be sure to exercise all of your diplomatic skills.

Men have extremely delicate egos, especially when it pertains to their penises.

If you want your man to improve his lovemaking abilities, use positive reinforcement as much as possible.


Avoid saying anything that could be taken as a put-down, especially while making love.

If you want to correct him or change his behavior, do it delicately and with compassion, as you would with a child.

Making him feel self-conscious will probably diminish his penis power, even though you are trying to increase it. Be honest and forthright.

Focus on what you would like him to do, not what he is doing wrong.


If you do not like some of his techniques, instead of telling him bluntly, try telling him what you would rather he do.

Instead of saying, “I cannot stand it when you do that to my breasts,” you could say something like, “I think I’d really like it if you did…”

“I think you have a problem”

Even delicate matters such as early ejaculation can be handled this way.

Instead of saying “I think you have a problem” or “Can’t you learn to control yourself?” you might use words to the effect of “Making love to you is so wonderful. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do it even longer? Let’s try to work on it together.”

The difference is obvious.

One form of expression suggests that he is inadequate, while the other says that he is okay, you love him, and you want everything between you to be even better.


Even if you think you are joking or innocently pointing out a problem,

his fragile penis ego might take it as a put-down.


If you say anything that makes him feel defensive, it will surely increase his self-doubt, and you know what self-doubt leads to—performance anxiety and eventually, penis failure.

It is also important for women to try not to come across as overly demanding.

Nothing is more intimidating to a man than a woman who makes unrealistic penis demands or issues ultimatums.

If you say (or even imply), “Shape up or else!” even a superpotent man might not rise to the occasion. More often than not, a man who gets a message like that will either never be heard from again, or he’ll become so nervous that he has a penis power outage.

Let him know you like being with him

When your man does something you like, or if he shows any sign of trying to comply with your wishes, give him immediate positive reinforcement.

Let him know you like it. Let him know he is on the right track. Let him know you appreciate the effort, even if you have to exaggerate to get that positive message across.


The slightest sign of pleasure from you will make your man feel a foot taller.

It will reinforce his confidence. That will, in turn, boost his penis power.

You might be thinking that this amounts to treating a grown man like a child. Well, in a sense, it is. A man with an erection is more like a child than an adult. Besides, if it ends up making him your Superman, what is wrong with a little child psychology?

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